What software is worth recommending on Windows 7?
There are some software and tools that are famous, such as everything, potplayer, etc., there are also a lot of software, there are some relatively small software, usually not contacted, or have not heard of, but very easy to use, I will introduce in detail below.

1: Literature reading artifact: Tianruo OCR

Reasons for recommendation: Powerful OCR recognition function can solve the copying problem of some websites and PDF.

When we find the information we need on some websites, we may encounter such distress. It is impossible to copy, or need to log in to account, or because the content of the website is scanned version. If OCR software has powerful OCR recognition function, it can solve the copying problem. In addition, it can also solve the copying problem. Baidu translation interface is directly used to translate the recognized text.
Shear Plate Tool: Ditto

Recommendation: Enhance the clipboard to avoid repeating Ctrl + c, Ctrl + V.

We often use Ctrl + c, Ctrl + V to copy and paste, but occasionally encounter the problem that the previous copy is covered by this copy. When you want to paste, you can only go back to Ctrl + C. Ditto is a practical clipboard management tool, which can store every copy content. If you want to find the previously copied content, you only need Ctrl + ` to call out the management interface to select the content you want.
iFinD Data Recovery

Reasons for recommendation: The most powerful data recovery software can maximize the assurance of retrieving your lost files.

iFinD Data Recovery should be the best data recovery software on the market. It is very powerful. It can recover lost files in many situations. It supports almost all storage devices, including peripheral devices. No matter what causes the data loss, it can be quickly retrieved for you. If you want to know how to recover deleted files in windows 7, You can use this one.
File browsing tool: listary

Reasons for recommendation: Quick positioning and search function, strong customization.

Listary overlaps with everything to some extent and can be used for file search, but after listary, I seldom use everything because it is very convenient. Of course, it also has some shortcomings, such as not using regular expression matching like everything, but it does not hinder its attraction to me at all. Calling out is very convenient. Double-click Ctrl is enough. What attracts me most is the fast positioning function. Whether in the folder, in the control panel, or on the desktop, just click on a letter in the name of the thing you are looking for. In addition, listary can also be used as a quick start software. It can be customized with different software, matching a software with short characters, and quickly opening it up and using it.

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